St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church

Shrewsbury Drapers Guild has a long association with St. Mary’s beginning in 1444 when the guild’s first almshouses were built in the churchyard where they remained  until 1824, when due to their delapidated condition, they were replaced by eighteen new almshouses built on the opposite side of the street.

When the Guild  was granted a Royal Charter in 1462 it was required to appoint a chantry priest to say mass for the guild and both the guild and the chantry chapel in nearby St. Mary's were dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The chantry chapel still contains part of an altar decorated with the symbols of the trinity erected by the Shrewsbury Drapers in 1501.

The Guild or company continues to worship at St. Mary's at Christmas and Trinity Sunday and each year in the Trinity Chapel holds two textile competitions where residents of Shropshire display examples of needlework which uses wool as part of its construction.



Cornucopia Concert-St Chads 2 March at 7.30pm
2nd March 2018


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