A small group of Drapers attended an Afternoon Tea to celebrate the 90th Birthday of one of our residents Mrs Hall who lives in Newport. 
Mrs Hall told us about her life including her evacuation during the war from Liverpool to the Lake District. She also lived in Canada for two years with her husband and two small children before returning to Liverpool. 

She has lived in the Almshouses in Newport for over twenty years and has many community activities to keep her busy. She enjoys being an invigilator at Adams Grammar School and going to see various drama productions and music events at the school.

Wishing you a very Happy 90th Birthday Mrs Hall ! 

Past Master Dr Rob Hatts and Mrs Hall

From left round to right - Gaynor Bowen (Master) John Crackett (Past Master) Mary Rose Bone (Past Master) Dr Rob Hatts ( Past Master) Mrs Hall, Jonathon Davies



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