Adult Textile Competition 2021

Adult Textile Design Competition 2021

We are very happy to announce that the Textile Competion Exhibition will be taking place this year from Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th November 2021 at St Mary's Church, Shrewsbury.

This years theme is 'RAINFOREST'

Details and registration forms can be downloaded here.

Also NEW for this year


The Shrewsbury Drapers’ Company are delighted to announce a new award for our Textile Design Competition in 2021 – ‘The Graphic Textile Award’.

The Award applies to all entries in both the Young Textile Design Competition and the adult Textile Design Competition.  

The Prize:  The prize will be a special trophy and will also include £50 in prize money

                   The Winner’s name will be added to the trophy annually   

Criteria:  The award will be presented to any entry in the Textile Design Competition who in the opinion of the Judges demonstrates an outstanding graphic textile design ability. 

Drawing, printed textile imagery and surface pattern are becoming increasingly more important in the digital world of textiles.  This new award is designed to bring a new dimension to the competition to recognize the skill of drawing and pattern created either by hand or digitally in a graphic form. The combination of drawing techniques, pattern, texture and colour will all play a part in the selection process of the winning entry.

And don't forget the fabulous  JACKIE RYAN AWARD FOR 16-22 YEAR OLDS, details below



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