Warden Support

It is the aim that the warden establishes a good relationship based on mutual trust and respect with each of the residents but it is recognised that all the residents are different and the quality of the relationship will vary. This relationship is inevitably not as close as that of a near relation such as a son or daughter.

The role is not that of a care assistant. The residents should be able to look after themselves with relatively low level support. However he/she is responsible for overseeing their health and general welfare so that they live in a friendly, safe, secure and supportive environment.

The warden will promote the use of communal facilities and organise functions to encourage good neighbourliness and a community spirit at the same time respecting a resident’s independence and choice whether to take part or not.

The warden visits the residents at a frequency agreed with them according to their needs.

The warden can give assistance in finding professional help, for example to sort out Housing Benefit, to make a will or to contact Health and Social Services.

If you are reading this because you are interested in finding accommodation either for yourself, a relative or a close friend, please make contact and arrange a visit.



Details of accommodation vacancies within our Almshouses will appear here.

Vacancies occur from time to time and if you would like to register your interest please complete our Application Form and we will contact you when one does occur.