Past Events

October Ladies Lunch at Concord College
27th October 2016

130 ladies attended a fund raising lunch on the 27th of October at Concord College, Acton Burnell.

Senior Textile Competition Exhibition 21-30 September
30th September 2016




The competotors entries are available for public viewing

from September the 21st to the 30th in St. Mary's Church.

Classic Car Show
19th June 2016

'Classics at Cound' on June 19th at Cound Hall, was a great way to enjoy interesting vehicles in a delightful setting, at the same time contributing to charity.

Young Textile Competition
7th June 2016

The 2016 Shrewsbury Drapers Young Textile Design Competition was declared a great success at the awards ceremony on the 7th of June at St. Marys.




Shrewsbury Heritage Week 2021
11th September 2021


Vacancies in our Almshouses occur from time to time.  If you would like to register your interest please complete our Application Form and we will contact you. Details of the eligibility criteria and accomodation are on this website - look under Almshouses.