HERITAGE OPEN DAYS                   

Shrewsbury Drapers Hall Preservation Trust (SDHPT)-Heritage Open Days (HOD)                                                                       

Date set as 9 September 2022 for Heritage Open Day in Drapers Hall.

Heritage Open Days began in the UK in 1994, inspired by its European equivalent, European Heritage Days. Since 2011 the National Trust has coordinated events across England and our events are published on the HOD website.

In the early days Richard Raven then secretary of SDHPT, called upon trustee Madge Moran, a vernacular archaeologist and James Lawson, archivist to give a short-talks about history of the Shrewsbury Drapers Company and the history of the building of the Hall. Together with Chairman Nigel Sturt they researched and published Drapers Hall Shrewsbury in 2002, a booklet which is available at Drapers Hall. In recent years talks have been given by Nigel J Hinton, trustee and local historian, and Jan Boyd, trustee and clerk of Shrewsbury Drapers Holy Cross Limited.

9 September 2022 has been set for the talk at 11.15 in the Hall. Drapers and invitees at 12.15 and Lunch at 13.15 for those who have booked.
Trail is below to download.

Also here is a link from a previous HOD.


Nigel J Hinton 7/05/2022




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