Christmas Tree Festival at St. Chads Shrewsbury

The annual Christmas Tree Festival opened on December 9th at St Chads, raising money for good causes. Amongst the 40 trees decorated by local businesses, organisations and charities is a tree decorated by Shrewsbury Drapers Company. The Festival lasts until the New Year and as well as the trees there is music and refreshments. Please, if you can, support this event.

Plans to decorate the Drapers tree on the 8th December were thwarted by snowy weather but an intrepid team of Mary Rose Bone, Gordon Crofts and Tom Taylor made it into Shrewsbury the following day. The fourth member of the artistic team, Gaynor Bowen remained snowed in.

Of special note is the nativity scene below the tree, reflecting the Drapers origins it is knitted from wool.



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