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Rear of Building

Planning permission has been obtained and architects plans drawn up to build twenty one units, a mix of one and two bedrooms, providing accommodation for a further thirty two residents. This will bring the total number of persons in our warden assisted housing to just over fifty.

As well as housing, the development will also provide a facility specifically designed for the benefit of the neighbouring community, allowing a wide range of activities and services to be provided. A green area for leisure will be included and the existing bowling green and social club will continue to function. The whole site then being a valuable contributor to the local environment and people in the area.

The proximity of the site to local facilities and the town centre makes it an ideal location for our residents. Thus, with the support of the warden and Draper volunteers, independent living can be maintained for longer than would be possible in other locations.

With the land in the Draper's possession and planning permission granted, fund raising has commenced for the building phase.

Existing Almshouses to Remain in Use

The five almshouses at the Holy Cross by Shrewsbury Abbey were designed by Samuel Pountney Smith and built in 1853. Recognised as architectural classics of their era they have been in continuous use as almshouses for the elderly or disadvantaged since then and it is our plan that they will continue in use for the forseeable future.

The site of the almshouses is immediately adjacent to Shrewsbury Abbey and includes a bowling greens, a social club and these will still be available after the development.

The Shrewsbury Drapers' have been planning for some time to expand their commitment to providing almshouses for the elderly members of the Shropshire and Powys communities and with the merging of the of the Holy Cross Almshouses, with those already managed by the Shrewsbury Drapers' at Fairford Place and the Hospital of St Giles, this has become a real possibility.

Details of the charities operated by the Shrewsbury Drapers Company are as follows; more information is on the Charities Commission website

Shrewsbury Drapers Holy Cross Ltd   No 1132671
Linked/subsidiary charity Shrewsbury Drapers Company Charity No 1132671-1



Vacancies in our Almshouses occur from time to time and are advertised on this website. 

 If you would like to register your interest please complete our Application Form and we will contact you. Details of the eligibility criteria and accomodation are on this website - look under Almshouses.