Textile Competition 2020-Adult & Student



The Shrewsbury Drapers Company has held a Textile Design Competition for the past 24 years. This year will focus on the theme "RAINFOREST"

Historical Background

The Drapers were first mentioned in Shrewsbury in 1209 as individuals in the first Guild of Merchant Rolls of the Town.  The Guild Merchants administered all trades in the town in the late twelfth and thirteenth centuries.  The Drapers achieved full Guild status with their incorporation by Royal Charter in 1462. The Drapers Hall has stood in St Mary’s Place since 1485.  The current building dates from 1576 and the interior finishes are detailed on the lease of 1577.  It is probably the only wooden framed Guildhall in the country with uninterrupted use by the original company.  The present Drapers Company is responsible for fifty  almshouses in Shrewsbury

Competition Guidelines

The competition is for a piece of textile work which preferably will include some wool but which can include other materials, decorative needlework, collage etc.  Use of wool will be recognised in the judging.

Please note the following criteria for entries.

The work must relate to the theme "RAINFOREST"

The  finished work may be only one item  of any size subject to a maximum of 1 metre x 1.5 metres, unless the entry is a garment. It may be framed, but must not be behind glass.Size alone is not a judging criterion.  When judging, the following aspects will be taken into consideration:

IDEA (30 marks )                 Interpretation of the theme

                                             Originality, creativity, choice of design

                                             Scale of endeavour

COLOUR ( 30 marks )         Proportion, dominance of colour used

                                            Composition, placement and suitability

TECHNIQUE ( 30 marks )   Design , method of construction, finish and

                                             workmanship , suitability and techniques used

DISTINCTION ( 10 marks )

Exhibits should be ready for hanging or display with suitable hooks and wires and specific mounting instructions if necessary.   A title and brief written description of no more than 50 words should accompany the entry on the entry form (sent to you after receipt of the registration form) and this should simply give your registration number but not the name. Please note that electrical wiring, lights or other electrical or electronic devices are not permitted on or in entries.


The competition is open to all residents in Shropshire (including Telford and Wrekin) aged 16 years and over on 1st November 2020

Only amateurs may enter being those who do not earn a living from selling or teaching in the field of Textiles, Art or Design Technology.  The judges reserve the right to decline to accept an entry where amateur status is in doubt.


Monetary prizes will be awarded consisting of 2 x Gold Awards (one being The Susan Auster Gold Award for students); 2 x Silver Awards (one reserved for students); and  4x Bronze Awards (2 of which are reserved for students)Additional bronze awards may be awarded at the judges' discretion.


Students are students attending school/college in Shropshire (including Telford and Wrekin) or from Shropshire (including Telford and Wrekin) in higher education in the UK over 16 and under 22 on 1 October  2019

Entrants in this category are eligible to enter  for the Jackie Ryan Memorial Award, which   provides an opportunity for a student of textiles/design to have work experience with Tweedmill Textiles.


Registration for entry should be on the registration form, which can be downloaded from the link below, to be submitted by 6th November.

The work should be completed and submitted on Saturday 21st November between 10.15am and 12 noon at St.Mary's Church, Shrewsbury.

The Awards Ceremony will be on Tuesday 24th November followed by a public exhibition of all entries until Saturday 28thNovember



Vacancies in our Almshouses occur from time to time and if you would like to register your interest please complete our Application Form and we will contact you when one does occur.Details of the accomodation are on this website look under Almshouses