Youth Textile Competition 2019

The Shrewsbury Drapers, Youth Textile Competition 2019

On Tuesday 8th October, the judging of the 5th Annual Drapers Textile Competition took place with 22 students entering the highly competitive Youth Section. 11 entries at Key Stage 3 (11-13) and 11 at Key Stage 4 (14-16) gave the judges a tough task and at the results assembly all competitors were congratulated on the high quality of their exhibits- a small selection of which are shown in the accompanying photographs.

Students from Shrewsbury Academy, Belvidere, Marches Academy Trust, Shrewsbury High School, The Corbett School and Sir John Talbot's participated and their teaching staff were equally congratulated and thanked for their contribution.

The exhibits remained on public show for the following week in St. Mary's Church.

Competition Requirements:  The Shrewsbury Drapers are an Ancient Guild and have an historic connection with the wool and cloth trade in Shropshire, having been first recorded as being active in the town in the13th century. To maintain this link entrants for all year groups were asked to produce and submit a textile, mixed media piece that preferably included ‘wool’ somewhere in the design.




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